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If you’ve run out of exciting gifting options for the ongoing festive and celebration season, we have news for you. In an exciting collaboration, we have have partnered with Foodhall - India’s leading chain of luxury grocery stores. 

As part of the association, Foodhall will present a range of gift cards designed by us at all their outlets across the country. The theme for these cards revolves around Calligraphy and Lettering weaved in with some illustrative elements. These co-branded items will use the classic Foodhall teal green colour with our salmon pink to lend a touch of elegance while being fun, playful, and vibrant to appeal to a younger set of audience. We've used holographic foil as the base printing method (which changes colours when held against the light) to make it more tactile and heavily embossed. 

These make for perfect presents for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and best wishes among others. While some are pre-made, one can also get customised handwritten messages in bulk.

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