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Beetle Juice Iron Gall Ink 30ml

Handmade Ink

Materials : iron gall, gall, wine

Colour: Dark Red / Black
Base: Iron Gall, Pigment
Uses: Calligraphy, Brushes (NOT for fountain pen use)
Sizes: 30ml

At first appearence this ink is a stunning RICH RED then shifts to a dark and ominous red-black iron gall. The base is again the crowd favorite french red wine (a 2014 Beaujolais) which has been fermented with the Aleppo Oak Galls and we add our own blend of Cochineal powder (it's a small, highly pigmented little beetle!). It's smooth as silk, writes like a velvet dream and you can achieve super fine hairlines unlike some pigmented inks. It has a higher pH (less acid) than standard iron galls so that your nibs won't corrode as quickly!

The ink should last a long time and it won't get a gross and moldy top surface like some other inks.

Do you know where Iron Gall comes from?
The base is a very pure distilled water which has been fermented with the Aleppo Oak Galls for over two months, in which we add our own secret blend of pigments, a binder and other secret ingredients to stabilize the ink. It will last forever on your shelf. Just shake it well before using for the most amazing color.


Fox & Quills Ink - Beetle Juice

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