Fox & Quill Inks - Bali Hai / Tropical Water Blue

Handmade Ink

Material : ink

Colour: Tropical Water Blue
Base: High density Pigment
Uses: Calligraphy, Brushes (NOT for fountain pen use)
Sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml/ All inks except 30ml are in Erlenmeyer beakers with wax-sealed cork stoppers

VERY LIMITED batch. While this ink is semi-translucent, the formula does have a high density of pigment, so it will show as a very solid colour. PLEASE SHAKE SUPER WELL BEFORE EACH USE, until all the pigments are in suspension (metal ball bearing included inside the 30 ml bottles to help the shaking). *and* if you have a magnetic stirring device this ink will be brighter and richer.

The ink should last a long time and it won't get a gross and moldy top surface like some other inks.

What was our inspiration for this ink?
Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox went to Japan for the first time in October last year. It was LOVE at first visit!
Ever since we visited the exquisite Fushimi Inari temple in Kyoto, it was imperative we make a Fox+Quills ink in its namesake. This one is meant to be special and full of the fox soul.

Fox & Quill Inks - Bali Hai Blue Green

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