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I’m a calligrapher and designer and the founder of The Bombay Lettering Company - a boutique calligraphy and design studio catering to luxury weddings, events and celebrations! What started off as a creative outlet and passion project, led me to discover a niche career path for myself.


The work that I do spreads across various styles and scripts in English as well as Devanagari - ranging from handwritten ink on paper to lettering on surfaces like wood, acrylic, mirror, engraving on glass and much more! This has led me to fall in love with the world of design and illustration, which in turn gave rise to our design studio. 

Our clients consist of corporates, luxury brands, event and wedding planners and numerous individuals! I’ve had the honour of working with clients such as Google India, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Deepika Padukone, The Ritz Carlton, Rolex, Moet Hennessy and more- and have been the on site celebrity calligrapher for functions and weddings like the Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas wedding. 


In today’s highly digital world that we live in, calligraphy holds the rare ability to evoke sentiments of warmth and genuine felicity among human beings. The duality of perfection among imperfection is what resonates with most of us. Calligraphy is not just an art. It is an extension of character. 


At The Bombay Lettering Company, We believe in creating beautiful and elegant designs to bring your vision to life. From invitations and stationery to custom calligraphy and live personalisation at your events, we’re here to give you an unforgettable experience filled with lots of love!

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We love bringing your vision to life and creating designs that are unique to you.Our expertise in calligraphy takes the personalization a notch higher.


From the smallest element to the overall aesthetics, our attention to detail sets us apart. We’re obsessed with delivering the absolute best; you can count on us to create exceptional design and stationery.


We’re the warmest group you would have ever worked with. Creating a smooth experience for you is central to us at TBLC, From idea to execution, we’re your one-stop solution. Our talented team and top-notch vendors are the only people you need on your side.


At TBLC, we believe in being really raw and honest about our craft. Our authenticity shines through in everything we do. We stay true to our core beliefs and values, ensuring every piece we create is a true reflection of who we are.

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