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Diya Mathew 

Kochi, India

Our Alumni from Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy, Brush Calligraphy and Copperplate Checklist.

Sanjana has single-handedly been responsible for popularizing calligraphy in India, particularly copperplate calligraphy. She’s been a pioneer for multiple reasons.
First, exceptionally talented, she has invested in herself and learned from the best teachers across the world. Her beautiful work has inspired so many others.
Second, she has made it possible for scores of aspiring calligraphers in India to have access to these wonderful teachers by hosting them on her platform.
Third, and most important, it’s a personal trait of Sanjana’s that has been pivotal in enabling the Indian calligraphy community to be a welcoming and generous one: her genuine kindness in sharing information and helping others out.
This is evident from her fantastic, top-notch workshops, where the course material is superlative, the sessions informative and engaging, and of great value. Sanjana is extremely articulate and knowledgeable, incredibly patient, and always answers questions and doubts in detail.
She is constantly upgrading her skills, which is the hallmark of a great teacher.
Another aspect that amazes me is her extraordinary energy. Commissions, detailed Instagram lives on a particular topic, workshops, informative newsletters…she seems to do it all!
She is truly India’s calligraphy queen: talented, focused, respected, and oh so kind!

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Alumni from Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy workshop

Will try to keep it short but I know it is going to be rather difficult. To begin with, I have always been obsessed with calligraphy but being a lefty it was a challenge to find that perfect  class or workshop to pick up learning the skills. And that’s when a chance discovery to Sanjana’s basic yet extensive copperplate calligraphy workshop happened. And my search ended there and I knew I had to be part of it, not to forget I bugged her with tons of questions before enrolling. Cut down to those 10 hours of extensive copperplate practice, it was the best. Even with me being a lefty in a class full of righty, Sanjana made sure I was comfortable in learning and having fun. And as I continue with my journey on mastering the calligraphy style, I take a moment to thank Sanjana for being the best teacher I could learn from.

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Zainab Hussain Ezzi
Chennai, India

Alumni from Brush Calligraphy workshop

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind & touches a heart. But Sanjana you have just taken my soul. I have fallen in love with you and your style. Your way of training is crystal clear. Of course, we are left with no doubts and lots of practice to get up to your standard. I did brush calligraphy with you and am blessed to come across your Bombay Lettering Page and signing up with you. You have not only trained us to write perfectly but you also generously shared the brands and tools that you use. Looking forward to learning few more things from you and follow your footsteps

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Delhi, India

Alumni from Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy workshop

The art of writing always fascinated me but I fell in love with it when I came across The Bombay Lettering's page. I then opted for The Copperplate calligraphy beginner's course and I feel that it's worth every penny. The information that's provided is very thoughtfully planned & complied. I was in awe with Sanjana's style of teaching. She is very patient & very kind towards her students. Her quick response to every query be it online or offline is just something I really appreciate. I am looking forward to learning more from her and will be opting for another course as well, soon.



Hyderabad, India

Alumni from Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy workshop

I had been practicing calligraphy for about 2-3 years on my own before I joined Sanjana’s Introduction to copperplate class, and right from the first session both me and my friends could see a difference in my script. Sanjana very patiently answers and clears all your doubts, no matter how many times the same thing is asked! And learning with her doesn’t 

stop when the classes stop, the best part is, she creates a space where we all can ask her doubts and tips and tricks whenever we want. She is a super generous teacher and the classes were very well organized and planned. If you have been thinking about learning copperplate calligraphy, take this testimonial as a sign and go for

 Sanjana’s classes!

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Bareilly, India

Alumni from Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy workshop

I'd been interested in Copperplate Calligraphy for quite a while, trying to learn through various online resources, but I was not making much progress until I attended this workshop, because there were so many mistakes that I was making that I would've never noticed and improved upon, unless Sanjana pointed them out and taught me how to correct them.

This was my first ever experience of participating in a calligraphy workshop, and I'm so glad that I chose to invest here rather than anywhere else, because the effort, care, and passion that is needed to do something like this, with an intention to spread knowledge and positivity is what makes a huge difference and goes a long way. From the attention to the quality of materials provided in the starter kit (which, by the way, have me hooked already!), to the time and care taken by Sanjana to teach us everything from the very basics (including prepping and caring for our equipment, the fundamental strokes that make up the script, product recommendations, and concrete feedback on our homework), it was overall an amazing and enlightening experience. TBLC has been nothing but absolutely wonderful and giving!

Hoping to attend many more workshops with The Bombay Lettering Company in the future!

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