If you’re interested in beginning your lettering or calligraphy journey, have dabbled into it a little bit and want to improve, or even consider yourself a pro, this platform is for you!


I am so happy that I can share my love and passion for Calligraphy and be a part of your journey! I’ve taught over 500 students across India and internationally, in the form of workshops- in person and online, and private events such as birthdays, corporate groups, bridal showers and more!

Over the years, I have learned from and interacted with incredible teachers and Masterpenmen from all over the world! I soon realised that along with being a teacher myself, I would love The Bombay Lettering Company to be a platform that hosts such artists thereby giving my audience access to world class workshops! 


  • Mon, Mar 22
    Join me for an in depth workshop to study the beautiful script of Copperplate Calligraphy. This is a beginner level class starting from the very basics. We will cover fundamental strokes, lowercase & uppercase letters followed by a few of my golden rules to bring out your most elegant script!


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