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Calligraphy as an art form has its roots in the ancient scriptures of the world. It is not just a stylised form of writing, but requires proper skill and knowledge. There are different types of calligraphy nowadays which are being used for various purposes — from wedding cards to logo designs. The Bombay Lettering Company's founder Sanjana Chatlani has invited Italian Masterpenman Barbara Calzolari to conduct workshops as well as speak at a panel discussion in the city. Chatlani says that awareness about calligraphy as an art form is definitely growing. "The concept of learning correctly is there now. It has also become a trend, thanks to social media. A lot of people value and appreciate it now," she says. While it is becoming popular, it is still at its nascent stage. However, for calligraphy to have a future, Calzolari says, "The knowledge about it needs to increase. We need to build a knowledge base to know it correctly — the history needs to be known." To discuss more about the same, Calzolari, along with panelists Achyut Palav (well-known Master Calligrapher), Chandan Mahimkar (lettering artist and typographer) and Chatlani, will discuss the booming calligraphy, lettering and type design space and their personal journeys of turning their passion into a profession. The panel discussion, The Ink Tank, will be held on Jan 31, 7 pm at Yiammas, Ballard Estate, Fort. For more details, visit 
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