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My Tech Essentials

"What's that green stand next to you? And what about the ring light and tripod? Which brand is your Light pad from?


Our DM's are usually filled with such questions so I thought of writing to you about my tech essentials, here are some products that I absolutely love and use all the time.


1. Document Camera: A document camera is very useful especially for teaching workshops, it’s an external camera that directly plugs into your laptop and can be used in addition to your laptop camera, the one I use and is most recommended is from IPEVO. 2.GooseNeck Stand: The gooseneck stand is a great one, to begin with, if you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest in a document camera. It’s very handy, you can easily clamp in on your table and it works well. 3. CANVAS (Tripod + Lights): I use CANVAS which is basically a tripod along with a ring light. It's quite an investment if you're just starting out but it's absolutely amazing and brownie points because it looks gorgeous. 4. Light Pad: A light pad is basically a thin box or tablet with a translucent surface that is lit from inside. You simply place a sheet of paper on it that has guidelines and then place another sheet of paper on top of that. When you turn on the light, it allows you to see the image on the paper beneath. Amici is a good brand to get started with. 5. Laser Level: A laser level shoots a red laser line across the page which you can then use as a baseline. My laser liner is from a brand called Black and Decker; 6. Ipad + Pencil: I use my iPad and pencil to create digital artworks of everything that goes into laser cutting or is used for spot calligraphy. The model I use is the Apple Pro 2017 12.9 inches with a second-generation Apple Pencil. 7. Magnetic Ink Stirrer: The ink stirrer can be a life-saving tool when working with metallic inks. If you’re wondering why the pigment in metallic inks usually settles at the bottom, that’s where the stirrer comes in handy - it saves you from the hassle of constantly shaking. So here was my list of favorite and most commonly used tech products, feel free to tell us in the comments if there's something else you know about? Let us know if you found this useful!


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