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The Right Nib-Holder Alignment

When I started Calligraphy, just like most people I would just stick the nib inside the flange and start writing, it wasn’t until later when I attended various classes and learned there is a RIGHT way to align it.

Of course, you’ll still be able to write with improper alignment but it won’t be as easy, you’ll most likely struggle with making smooth hairlines, scratchy nibs, and experiencing breakage of nibs very often.

So let me take you through the right way of aligning it…

To begin with, the nib is inserted into the flange of the holder and the flange is basically a curved slit protruding from the holder.

The nib should be placed in the flange in a way that its tip touches the imaginary centerline of the holder as shown in the figure.

This kind of nib placement will give you a balanced grip and ease your learning and writing process.

I've also found this video by Chris Yoke extremely helpful to understand adjusting different nibs into a holder, you can click here to check it out.

If you found this helpful, tell us in the comments and share it with your calligra-friends who may learn from it too!

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