Introducing The Bombay Lettering Company’s Copperplate Calligraphy Starter Kit. 

This kit consists of the tools & supplies to help you begin your journey in the beautiful world of Pointed pen! 

After spending a couple of years learning with all kinds of tools & supplies, I truly feel that investing in good quality products from the beginning is a game changer and that was my very intention while putting this together :)

The Starter kit includes :

1. Copperplate Calligraphy Guide sheets by The Bombay Lettering Company
2. Instructions and reference card for further guidance and assistance
3. 2 Nikko-G Nibs
4. The Deuce Holder 
5. Bombay Blue Ink 
6. Dinky jar with dropper
7. 2 stickers to put a little smile on your face :)

Below is more information on each product- 

The Duece - This 2 in one holder is made by Christopher Yoke in the US who is known for making some of the best holders in the world. This is a great beginner level holder and is affordable, sturdy and one that I started with. 

Guidesheets - The pad is made with excellent quality calligraphy friendly paper. We recommend you start with larger guides therefore our x height is 9mm. Always keep in mind that it is helpful to start practicing on larger guide sheets because it is easier to move down in size but not so much the other way around. 

Ink - Bombay Blue ink is made in collaboration with Krishna Inks, a reputed, home grown Indian brand. We have worked closely with them on developing this ink especially for pointed pen calligraphy and to help you practice smoothly on our guide sheets. 

An empty dinky jar with a dropper is also provided in which you can transfer the ink while working for your convenience. 

Nib - Nikko-G is good quality Japanese Nib sturdy enough to get you started. The more you practice and enjoy you can try different nibs of different flexibilities. 

Bonus - We’ve also added an instructions card that will help you start using the tools! Additionally we’ve added the upper and lowercase letterforms of copperplate calligraphy for your reference. 

Note - An important note to remember is that this starter kit consists of the necessary tools and supplies required to start with and does not contain any kind of workbook or worksheets apart from the pad of guidelines. Instruction manuals can be procured separately. 

So, treat yourself to a super starter kit or gift it to someone you know who might love it!

Copperplate Calligraphy Starter Kit