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Send us your glass products and, we'll hand engrave your message on that to add an extra touch of warmth and personalization.


A few products that we commonly engrave on are alcohol bottles, perfumes, wine glasses, champagne flutes, whiskey tumblers and decanters, glass boxes basically any clear glass surface.




1. The product is not provided by us.

Once you place the order, the product should be shipped to the address given below

2. We do not ship Alcohol bottles outside of Mumbai as it is not allowed to be couriered If delivery location is outside Mumbai - we request you to arrange for a pickup


173 A, Maker Towers, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai​ - 400005

Maharashtra, India.


Once you've shipped the product, kindly leave us a Whatsapp message on +91 82919 88792 with your order number, the estimated time of arrival of the product, and what you'd like engraved.


2. Once we have received the item, it will be shipped out in 5-7 business days.



Please know ahead of time that we will not provide a sketch for reference.


4. We can't engrave on frosted, textured and beveled glass, there should be enough clear glass area to engrave on.





Engraving Services

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