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The "Iron Throne" Iron Gall Ink 30ml


Handmade Ink

Material : ink

Colour: Bright Blue Black/then turns Black Blue
Base: Iron Gall, Pigment
Uses: Calligraphy, Brushes (NOT for fountain pen use)
Sizes: 30ml

Iron Throne ink is always freshly made in wee batches! Smooth as silk, writes like a velvet dream and you can achieve super fine hairlines unlike most other inks. This ink also has a higher pH (less acid) than standard iron galls so that your nibs won't corrode as quickly. It also won't get a gross and moldy top surface like lots of inks as well!

The story behind this batch's inspiration:
There was this prolific ink chemist, back in the 1800s, from Scotland, who was totally obsessed with making the perfect ink. Iron gall was the norm back then but he concocted some 293 (!) specific recipes of all sorts. Obviously, this man was no slouch with experimentation.

I've been reading up on his findings and he was AHmazing. And his surname was Stark. A bit further into my reading it hit me: omg! Stark. Iron Gall. Ned Stark. GoT. IRON THRONE!! YES!!

So this batch, his favorite formulation that was his go-to for personal correspondence, is dedicated to the King of Iron Gall inks, James Stark. But this batch isn't one that happens in just a week or two of creation. James Stark was a staunch proponent of the superior slow brewing time--an 8 week gradual fermentation for the oak galls to fully release their precious tannic-gallic acids.

Do you know where Iron Gall comes from?
The base is a very pure distilled water which has been fermented with the Aleppo Oak Galls for over two months, in which we add our own secret blend of pigments, a binder and other secret ingredients to stabilize the ink. It will last forever on your shelf. Just shake it well before using for the most amazing colour.


Fox & Quills Ink - Iron Throne

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