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Color: True Red
Base: Pigment
Uses: Calligraphy, Brushes (NOT for fountain pen use)
Sizes: 30ml

Candy Apple Red is a water-soluble gloss pigment ink. We have pumped up the gum arabic to give the ink a glossy-clean finish. It is so glossy that it feels wet even when it's dry! The ink is also quite translucent, so it will look different depending on the writing used. A pointed pen will yield quite a strong, dark red; while a broad edge might offer a thinly layered red. 

There's also a small amount of glitters in it. Remember that glitters rapidly settle at the bottom of the container. If you don't want any shimmer, just use the ink without shaking it. But if you want to see the shimmering, shake the bottle well before using it (It's good to keep stirring as you work too). The options are nice to have! Make sure to shake the bottle before every use to have the densest red you might wish for. A perfect color for passionate people!

The ink should last a long time and it won't get a gross and moldy top surface like some other inks.

Fox & Quills Ink - Candy Apple Red

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