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Get your family's name handwritten in calligraphy and add that personal touch of warmth to your homes. 


Our best seller nameplates come in 2  sizes, with a variety of options you can choose from.  They're personal, unique, and made with lots of love!


The sizes we offer are 6 * 14 and 8 * 18 inches, if you require a custom size, please reach out to us at





-Teak Wood base with a matte finish

-Thickness of plank - 18mm

-Smooth Bevelled edges

- 2 hooks fixed at the back for easy fitting



- Material - Fibre board

- Thickness - 6mm 

- Primered and painted in the colour of your choice


Once the order is placed, we'll be sending you a deck with three options of lettering, once that is finalized - the nameplate will be shipped within 14 - 18  business days.


Note: The price is inclusive of Shipping

Calligraphy Nameplates

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