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Introducing the first of a fun series of workbooks - The Copperplate Calligraphy pad by Masterpenwoman Barbara Calzolari. 


A4 size, this pad is designed with traceable letters, lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers followed by extra pages for your practice.


These pads have perforated edges, and were created to help you build muscle memory and take your calligraphy to the next level!


Great for beginners, but also good for those wishing to improve their letterforms and refine their script!


Please note - The pad can be used in 2 ways - 

1. Directly writing in the pad. The paper is calligraphy friendly and will work well with your pointed nib and ink

2. If you would like to save the pad and not write directly in it, we suggest using LAYOUT PAPER which can be placed over each page , is see through, and you can easily trace over the letters. 



The Copperplate Calligraphy Pad - Barbara Calzolari

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