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5 Ways To Use Your Calligraphy

Dear Fellow Calligrapher,

Have you been doing calligraphy for a while and want to go a step further? By a step further - I don't particularly mean starting a creative business (I'm all for that as well) but a lot of calligraphers also just like to do it as a hobby!

This blog is for them, I wanna take you through some really small ways in which you can incorporate calligraphy in your day-to-day life.

1.Place Cards/ Name Tags

The most simple way to get started with your calligraphy is to make place cards for dinners at home. You can start with simple tags made on paper and can then explore other surfaces such as handmade sheets, acrylic, and wrap around tags for napkins (as seen in the third image)

2. Gift Tags

A great way to personalize gifts is to create tags to go with them! You can personalize it with names, occasions and lots more!

3. Handwritten Letters/Notes

One of the most beautiful ways to express love is through handwritten letters. Go old school and write letters and notes for your loved ones! Add some flowers and seal it with wax to create the perfect vintage vibe.

4. Fuse your calligraphy with an already existing hobby/skill

This has got to be one of my favorite things to do, fusing calligraphy with an existing hobby can sometimes give out amazing results. Here are some of my endeavors haha!

If you're a pastry chef, try writing on your deserts. If watercolors is your jam, use it to create beautiful backgrounds on which you can write. If you enjoy gardening, then maybe write on those beautiful leaves and flowers.

5. The sky is the limit

There is a whole world to explore and if you're further interested in trying out new things and investing your time and resources in this artform - the world is your oyster. You can personalize coasters, make cake toppers, engrave on glass (that's slightly advanced but wanted to show it to you anyway), create signage boards for events, or simply paint a motivational quote on your wall. Let me show you pictures...

There are numerous ways in which you can use calligraphy in your daily life as well and I hope this blog inspires you to do so :)


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