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Can I Erase Ink? Yep, Here’s How…

We’ve all been in a moment where a tiny spelling error leads us to redo the entire’s a hack that I hope can save you next time.

Materials Required:

Sand Eraser + Xacto Knife Set

  1. Xacto Knife: It’s basically a precision knife that helps you pick out tiny fibers of the paper.

  2. Sand Eraser: YES, an eraser that rubs off ink, Tombow makes these amazing erasers that come in handy when we need to erase small portions of ink.


  1. Use the Xacto knife to pick out tiny ink splatters and small portions of ink from your paper. It essentially removes the first layer of paper fibers on which you’ve written. You want to be extremely careful while doing this so as to not tear it into the paper.

  2. Now go in and erase that spot with the sand eraser to make it clean, you may not be able to erase an entire line but a stroke or a few letters would work out just fine.

  3. Once the spot is clean, we can rewrite the correct letters, and VOILA, it’s fixed.

Hope you found this useful, grab these products from our store and share it with your calligra-friends who may find it useful too!


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