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Calligraphy Drying Rack

Dear Fellow Calligrapher,


If you’ve worked on envelopes and place cards, then you surely understand the struggle of letting them dry whilst making sure that the ink doesn’t smudge.

And let’s be honest we’ve all been there when we lay them out all over our dining table for it to dry and still somehow something moves and bam, the ink is all over the other envelopes.

For this reason, I’ve found Envelope Drying Racks to be very useful, they save you from the hassle of having to redo your work.

Calligraphy Drying Rack by The Bombay Lettering Company

Our drying rack is made of beautiful rustic wood, has 20 slots so you can write up to 20

envelopes at a time and leave them out to dry, and can fit paper up to A4 size easily.


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