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Learn Devanagari w/ Indian Masterpenman Achyut Palav

Devanagari is a 7th Century script originating from the ancient Bramhi script in the Indian subcontinent. It literally translates to “Script of the god” and is a base for the development of many modern languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Nepal, and many more.

The tool/nib that’s used for writing Devanagari has to be cut at an angle of 45 degrees (as shown in the figure below) to achieve the strokes required to create the letterforms.

I’ve learned Devanagari from Masterpenman Achyut Palav who has been practicing this craft for over 40 years now, he’s an excellent teacher and mentor, and I’m so honored to have his book DEVANAGARI B2C - basics to commercial applications on our online store.

This book has everything you need to get started with the script, the terminology, basic strokes, letters, forming words and sentences, and creating beautiful pieces from this magnificent script. And to take that a step ahead, Achyut Sir also talks about the commercial applications of learning Devanagari.

It’s a must-have book for calligraphers who’re exploring this script and setting a strong foundation.

And a BONUS, it comes with a Devanagri Pen so you can dive right in!

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