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Calligraphy Inks for practice and final pieces!

A huge variety of inks are available for calligraphy, after a lot of experimenting over the years I have found my go-to inks for practice as well as final work as given below

  1. Sumi Ink - In my experience, it’s the best black ink available and recommended by artists across the world. My go-to Sumi ink is a famous Japanese brand called Moon palace and is available with another brand called Kuretake.

  2. Walnut ink - It’s a beautiful natural ink made from the green husk surrounding the nut of walnut. The ink comes in two forms: liquid or crystals that are mixed with water before use. I love the inconsistent shade of brown that is produced with walnut ink.

  3. Fox and Quills are the most stunning home-brewed inks made by my dear friend Serge in California. The colors are beautiful, vibrant and they work like a dream. We’re so proud to be their sole retailer in India.

  4. Ziller Inks are perfect for steel pointed nibs, broad edge pens, and brushes. They are a multi-faceted medium for wherever your imagination takes you. And I absolutely love the variety of shades available.

  5. Higgins Eternal - It’s another favorite of mine when it comes to black ink, the consistency and shade are absolutely stunning.

  6. Dr. Ph Martins has a beautiful range of iridescent shades, they’re the finest metallic inks. Their white ink called the Bleed Proof White is hands down the best white ink available.

  7. Krishna Inks is a recent discovery made by a doctor in Chennai, India. These are beautiful pocket-friendly inks, more suited for broad-edged, but on the right paper, it can be used for pointed pen too.

  8. Windsor Newton - Inks that have been formulated with carefully chosen pigments to ensure maximum brilliance of color. The 18 colors in this range are lightfast for long-lasting results.

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David Walker
David Walker
26 нояб. 2021 г.

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