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How to make Dog Leash Hooks

If you know me, then you obviously know CJ - TBLC’s very own fur boss! :P

To celebrate his birthday, we sent out little presents to all his furry friends!

And I thought I could show you the BTS of this little project that we worked on along with a step-by-step tutorial of how we made them.

Click here here if you'd like to see more pictures!

Let's jump right in.. 1. Choose your base: We narrowed it down to a paw or bone-shaped base. I then drew out each one on procreate and we decided to go with the bone because we liked the elongated shape and how the names would fit inside it. 2. Choose your calligraphy style: For this particular project, I wanted to do a more playful, fun, and modern style. 3. Let's write: I used Procreate to write all the names. Procreate is an app on the iPad Pro that can be used with the Apple pencil. TIP: When I'm creating calligraphy for print/ laser cutting/digital use, I first draw on procreate and then take the file on Adobe Illustrator to vectorize. HOWEVER, if you don't have an iPad with Procreate, you can always use the traditional method of scanning your work (ink on paper) and then begin vectorizing. 4. Get em' Lasercut: The vectorized names, as well as the bone artwork, were sent to our local vendor to laser cut. Remember you have a variety of surfaces to choose from. 5. Final step: We then added hooks to the bone base and stuck the names on it and VOILA, it's ready.

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this step-by-step process and would like us to share more of these!


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