Color: Lime Greeen
Base:  Pigment
Uses: Calligraphy, Brushes (NOT for fountain pen use)
Sizes: 30ml

It's a fresh & vibrant color with hues of bright yellow to green. The thickness of your bead of ink will influence the end color. A thicker line will yield a greener color, while a light touch will definitely look yellow. Generally speaking, a pointed pen will come out darker and with more character, which is perfect for legibility. A broad edge will scrape more ink, and the result will be more luminescent and dynamic.The ink has a lot of pigments from different sources to achieve these variations. As such be sure to shake or stir the bottle well before using it. The result is a gorgeous summery color - a perfect match to its namesake.And if you need a cocktail to match, Here's the recipe:Midori Sour1 part Midori liquor1 part vodka½ part fresh squeezed lime juice½ part fresh squeezed lemon juiceTop with seltzer/tonic waterPour in a glass with ice; garnish with lime/lemon slices.Drink. Write. It's a good day.

Fox & Quills - Midori Sour

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