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I messed up...

Do you ever look at people, brands, and their work on Instagram and feel like “OMG, it’s perfect”, “Everything looks so amazing”, “She has her life together ” Hold on! Let me burst that bubble for you! Because my friend, nobody’s perfect and we all mess up sometimes. Personally, there have been multiple instances where I’ve made big blunders (Once we got the bride’s spelling wrong on 500 tags and realized that a day before the wedding, WILL YOU BELIEVE THAT ?!) Of course over time, with experience it gets better, the frequency of these mistakes reduces and you learn how to deal with it more efficiently. But it was hard to manage them in the beginning… Here are a few things that helped me -

  • Be honest and own up: Sometimes we drown ourselves in guilt and worry instead of just picking up the phone and talking to our client about what has happened. More often, people are very forgiving and kind.

  • Think of a solution: It’s natural to have an emotional response when you mess up but you wanna think rationally and analyze the situation to come up with a solution. Think about what your next step will be before approaching the client and whether you’ll be able to salvage it.

For eg: Instead of going to the client and saying “Oops, I misspelled your name in 500 tags” I said” There’s been an honest mistake on our side, I’m extremely sorry, please give me a day’s time to fix this” (Can you believe that all of us including the client had gone through the artwork multiple times and no one spotted the error, that’s just life sometimes...but don’t worry, even though they were the most stressful 24 hours of my life, we managed to get the new tags in time)

  • Learn from your experience: Now that you’ve made a boo-boo haha, what can you do differently next time to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Learning from my experience of 500 misspelled cards, I now ensure a fresh set of eyes has proofread my word before it goes into print And lastly, remember “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried something new” Albert Einstein Some of the biggest lessons you’ll learn are from your mistakes! It helps you become wiser, smarter, and confident!


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