3 Lessons In 3 Years

This week got me thinking about when I started out and the three lovely years of TBLC - the ups and downs, the small and big wins, and everything it takes to keep a company up and running.

So today, I wanted to write to you about 3 lessons I’ve learned in the last three years that can be helpful for you if you’re just starting out (Trust me, there's a lot more haha, but I want to talk to you about these three today)

1. Work-Life Balance

As creatives, we love what we do and sometimes end up working 24/7 because it doesn’t feel like work.

There have been times where I’ve been so heavily absorbed in my work that I’m not aware of anything that’s happening around me, and I've spent very little time with friends and family which is not sustainable and can eventually lead to burnout.

It’s essential to create healthy boundaries and have a balanced life.

For me, the first step to do this was to stop working on weekends, that way I can rewind and be energized for the upcoming week.

Another thing that I’ve done recently is to have a separate WORK PHONE so all communication with clients goes through that.

2. Money Money Money

For the longest time, I’ve made the mistake of not focusing on analyzing my revenue streams.

A. P&L: Keep a check on your P&L, you want to know your numbers inside out. Doing a monthly check will help you understand what’s working in your business and what’s not so you can pay time and attention accordingly.