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How To Get Your First Client

The million-dollar Question - How to get clients? I’m gonna keep this short and simple! And once you read this blog, I want to you do the task that I've mentioned!

Okay, let's get started!

When you’re trying to build a business around your creative practice, the best way to get clients is through friends, family, and your network.

The minute you feel you want to take on something professionally and explore the possibility of making a business out of it - Make your friends and family your Guinea Pigs :P

This works really well for three reasons -

  1. You have a lot of room to experiment and if you do happen to make mistakes, the repercussions are minimum.

  2. They provide constructive feedback that will help you improve, of course, that can get hard sometimes. Because they are your dear ones, they may find it hard to say something negative but you’ve to tell them that this will only help you get better at what you do.

  3. A positive experience here will help you feel more confident when taking on other clients.

And as you gradually grow, there are various ways in which you can market your offerings but from my experience, it’s best to start with your own circle.

Call to action: Make a nice message and portfolio of your work and share it with your circles informing them about your products and services and keep updating them with your new offerings and see where it goes from there! All the best!

Remember, all great things take time but as long as you are consistent, good things are bound to come your way!

Can’t wait for you to get started! Don’t forget to share your success stories with me!

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