How to price your work?

How do I price my work?”, “Am I charging too little?”, “Are my prices so expensive that I may not get clients at this rate?’ “ I provided a quote to a potential client, but she ghosted me”

Do you resonate with these thoughts and questions? I get you, my friend.

The first time I had to price my work was when a friend wanted me to make Diwali cards and said he wouldn’t get them unless I charged him for them.

And I was clueless, I was doing calligraphy alongside my full-time job and had no idea as to how I was supposed to put a price on my art.

Fast forward to almost four years of TBLC and working with numerous clients, I have finally found my PRICING FORMULA. And I’m sharing it with you because I wish I had these resources when I was starting out.


Now there are widely three ways in which you can price your work - Hourly Rate, Per Piece Rate, and sometimes, you can also go with an entire project fee.

From my experience in India, hourly charges don’t work too well.

So, for commission work that is purely based on my time and skill (calligraphy services like addressing envelopes, nametags, place cards, etc), what I do is set up an hourly rate for myself in my mind, then see the number of pieces I can do in an hour, and then I divide the former with the latter.

For example, if I’m preparing a quotation for addressing envelopes and my hourly rate is 2000/- INR and I can do 20 envelopes in an hour, my per piece rate would be Rs. 100

For certain types of orders like On-Site Calligraphy or murals, you can always go with a complete project fee. Remember to account for every little cost you may incur for the job!

Another thing to remember is that the price of your service is a combination of your

Expenses + Expertise + Time Consumed.