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Quintessential Biz Tools

If you have a creative business or are just starting out, I'm sure you understand how difficult it is to be on top of things and put a method to the madness.

However, over the past few years, we've been able to put some systems in place and identify tools that work for us!

I want to introduce you to some of my quintessential biz tools to help you run your business smoothly and put systems in place.

1. Quicbooks for Invoice & Accounting

Quickbooks is a great software for not just tracking income and expenses but also creating invoices for clients. It's got everything you need to make sure your books stay up to date.

2. Slack for Team Communication

We've just recently started using Slack (or not, we keep going back to WhatsApp haha).

No, but seriously, slack makes managing operations so much easier especially when you're constantly coordinating with a team. You can create different channels for various things. For example, we have channels for accounts, nameplates, store updates and many more.

3. Google Drive for organizing Data

Every since Jayana (our business executive and community manager) has joined our team, we have a google sheet and doc for anything and everything haha! (She's the most organized one on the team and keeps us in check too, haha). Additionally, we also upload all our images on the drive, so if we have to collaboratively work, it's super easy to quickly share it.

4.Shiprocket For All Things Shipping

If you've ordered supplies from our online store, then I'm sure you've received shipping updates from Shiprocket haha. From creating package labels, and booking courier companies to sending timely updates to the recipient - Shiprocket handles it all!

5. We Transfer for sharing large files

This is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to sending huge files. You can directly upload the files on We Transfer and share it as a link. It has particularly been very helpful for us in the last few months because all the raw footage from our shoot for the Copperplate Collective was easily transferrable through this. It's got a free as well as a paid version

6. Link Tree

Link tree is great when you want to put a lot of different links on one landing page. It has a free and paid version, if you upgrade, it provides you with lots of options to custom design your page based on your brand vibe

Apart from that, here are few of our favorite tools for design and editing!

6. Design Softwares

Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate and Canva are our go-to design softwares. All the designing work happens on photoshop, Illustrator is primarily used for vectorizing/digitizing artwork and creating print files, Procreate for iPad calligraphy and we occasionally use Canva to create Instagram stories or mock-ups for clients

7. Inshot for Video Editing

With the advent of Instagram Reels, we all do need a good video editing app every now and then. Although there are other sophisticated softwares such as the Adobe Premiere Pro, I prefer Inshot for how user-friendly it is.

These were some of our favorite tools, we'd love to know about yours too!

As always, if you found our blog helpful, be sure to let us know by taking a screenshot of your favorite part of the blog and posting it on Instagram, don't forget to tag us @bombaylettering ❤️

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Rohan Pugaonkar
Rohan Pugaonkar
May 11, 2022

Good Evening! I was just on the website to look for more information on The Copperplate Collective and I found your blogs! This is gold! Thank you for sharing these. I just skimmed through a few blog posts and found almost all things that I've been frantically searching for lately. Especially the bit about pricing. I just hit 'Open Shop' on Etsy yesterday in spite of a lot of things still unclear due to lack of information. My idea now is simply to go forth and find things along the way. But look at these awesome posts! Thank you so much. I hope to read all of them thoroughly and I hope I'm able to pay it forward somehow soon.…

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