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Time management (the never-ending struggle)

One of the many things I love about what we do is that our work never gets monotonous because of the variety of tasks that come our way - there’s all things wedding, workshops, tight deadlines of luxe brands, individual commissions that could range from a gilded piece to an extremely labor-intensive order (for eg writing hundreds of envelopes....phew!) and of course RUSH ORDERS from our beloved and regular clients whom we always prioritize because they’ve shown constant love and support to our business.

While these day-to-day operations are of utmost importance, it's also equally important to step back and focus on the overall business.

So it’s an amazing cocktail of tasks that are quite different in nature making it exciting while constantly keeping us on our toes!

Here are a few ways that have helped me prioritize my tasks and manage my time -

1. Creating a to-do list the night before is a habit that’s helped me to a great extent.

It helps me understand what my day is looking like and the pace I need to adapt.

Is it a busy day where I need to be on my toes all the time or is it a relatively slow-paced day with fewer tasks to tend to?

This way I’m always mentally prepared to work accordingly.

(Of course, there are surprises and random tasks do come up but it’s manageable)

Here's an image of my to list for today :)

(If you know me, then you write on doors :P)

2. Prioritizing Tasks - Now I’m bombarded with millions of tasks every day so I came across this technique a few years ago which I’ve found extremely helpful to prioritize, it’s called the Eisenhower Matrix. Let me add an image here for your understanding.

3. Find Out Your Productivity Pockets - Now another thing that I do is save all the tasks that require thinking, ideation, and creativity to the times which are my productivity pockets (Small pockets of time where you’re more productive because of external factors, for eg my PP, is after midnight when my phone's not buzzing and my family is asleep)

I try to complete all my admin work in the morning and save tasks such as creating mood boards, designing or even writing long letters that take a few hours to complete, etc for my PP.

So here were few of my ways of getting around our tasks, I'd love to know more about yours in the comments.

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Ashish Arora
Ashish Arora
Nov 09, 2021

Amazing….am happy that you are understanding your priorities n enjoying ur work rather than pulling ur hair apart…god bless

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